Fertility data for Profitable Decisions

mySYNCH by Parnell is the management application that uses your herd's fertility data for you to make more profitable decisions for your dairy.  ​

It generates over 27 easy-to-read reports so producers, veterinarians and a dairy's key advisors can implement the most effective protocols in the herd. 


mySYNCH generates herd management reports in an easy-to-read and analyze format. You can access reports on fertility metrics, milk production, breeding technicians, sires, and more.

mySYNCH KPI Dashboard


mySYNCH puts data into useful analytical tools. 3-Year Trends helps you identify areas of significance in fertility metrics tracked over the last three years and differentiate important trends from normal variation. Seasonal Trends lets you quickly and easily analyze seasonal effects on reproduction using data from the last three years. The Fertility Analysis tool visualizes historical trends in reproductive performance and lets users record real-time events to track the effects on herd fertility. Benchmarking lets a dairy view their fertility metrics with like farms across the country. The Fertility 360 Report combines your dairy's data in a 360° on-farm evaluation of cows, nutrition, facilities, management and personnel. 

mySYNCH Fertility Analysis


mySYNCH Education aims to improve the knowledge and skill of the individuals directly involved in implementing synchronization protocols and other breeding activities on the dairy. Find expert webinars and training videos available in English, Spanish and Portuguese. 

mySYNCH Education Updated Video

New Features are being added, Request a demonstration of Mysynch from your Parnell Territory Manager by filling out the form on this page.