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Crank Up Your Repro and Profits with the Fertility 360 Report in mySYNCH!

The Fertility 360 Report in mySYNCH combines a dairy's data in a 360° on-farm evaluation of cows, nutrition, facilities, management and personnel. Then it compares the dairy's current performance to the industry's scientifically backed guidelines, collected by independent researchers, professors, veterinarians and nutritionists across the country.

Through these comparisons, the Fertility 360 Report identifies areas most affecting a dairy's reproduction. Veterinarians and producers are provided with a template to develop actionable management plans to address the identified areas. When a management plan is published in mySYNCH, the local Parnell representative helps the dairy implement it and hit crucial deadlines to ensure success.

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This tool, built with dairy farms in mind, is accessible through any mobile device and requires minimal internet connection to complete. So, even the most remote farms can have the opportunity to implement it and increase their reproductive performance.